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Explore, search and find

Dive into an island 🏝 with quiet sea waves 🌊 and palm trees 🌴, a burning and active volcano πŸŒ‹, wet and slippery rocks ⛰️ inside a mine ⛏️ and many other landscapes πŸ—Ί inside an adventure to find 🧐 the origins of various minerals πŸ’Ž fundamental to the history πŸ“œ of human civilizations. Visualize its three-dimensional structure ⌬ and learn some common uses and interesting facts ❓ about them.

Can you find them all?


Protect, answer and conquer

Be careful on your journey 🀠, because there will be pirates πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ who want to steal all the treasures πŸ’° you have found.

Β‘Defend them πŸ’‚ by answering right 🎯 and show them all why you are the best πŸŽ–!

Could you defeat them all?


Run, collect and win

In this unexplored land your worst rival will be time ⏱. You will have to go into every corner 🏞, no matter how dark and dangerous 🚨 it seems, to get all the treasures πŸ’° that this island 🏝 has to offer you, but in the shortest possible time ⏳!

Achieve it πŸ† and become the winner πŸ‘ΈπŸ»/🀴🏻!

Do you think you can achieve this feat?